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  • KonnTRACK

    As part of its dedication to the sterilization industry, Konnexis has developed KonnTRACK for X-Ray, Gamma, and E-Beam sterilization modalities. KonnTRACK seamlessly integrates the irradiator with process control and inventory tracking, improving efficiency while minimizing downtime. Using Konnexis’ innovative software solutions, your business receives a competitive edge in increased throughput due to superior scheduling and intelligent process control.

Top Features

  • Innovative Integration

    Konnexis is dedicated to control systems and has produced a software that fully integrates various areas of the sterilization process as well as customers' ERP systems for increased flexibility and improved efficiency. 

    Unparalleled Flexibility 

    Designed to be future-proof so your investment in a sterilization control system today will last for years to come, KonnTRACK is operating system agnostic.  

    Dosimetry Integration

    KonnTRACK offers an integrated solution to eliminate many manual steps in dosimetry measurement. Through dosimeter load specification assignment, and using dosimeter barcoding information, KonnTRACK improves the quality and efficiency of your dosimetry process. Read more about it here.

    Customer Support

    Konnexis offers 24/7 support to its customers around the globe, helping you to reduce downtime and allowing you to process with confidence.

  • Simulation Tools

    Our simulation tools allow you to train users and verify all software operation before upgrades or change are applied to your production environment.  This reduces software implementation downtime, and allows your staff to be "ready to go" when the system goes "live".

    KonnTRACK Mobile!

    KonnTRACK  features the use of handheld computers and barcode readers in the sterilization process. This allows for a more streamlined operation of your machine, providing users with the flexibility to perform various functions from any location in the warehouse. Read more about it here.

Additional Features

  • ERP Integration

    Whether your ERP system is SAP, Oracle or any other, KonnTRACK  will integrate seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. It will accept non sterilized inventory and will update quantities and status of sterile product in real time without manual intervention.

  • Metrics

    Irradiator metrics that are easily retrievable and presented in an easy-to-understand manner provide insight in how to improve the efficiency and profitability of an irradiation facility. Read more about it here.


    Safety is our utmost concern at Konnexis, and KonnTRACK has been carefully designed to meet the most stringent safety standards, whether it is machine or radiation safety, KonnTRACK bears the necessary compliance to provide the safest environment for your workplace.

    Quality Assurance

    KonnTRACK complies with industry standards, such as 21 CFR Part 11 and has trained onsite quality personnel to assist with the validation of your process


  • SmartLOG was developed to help facilities as they move towards creating ‘lean’ environments. It tracks irradiator activity and produces reports on the causes of various events. Its superior tracking reports provide insight into the overall operational performance of the irradiator, allowing inefficiencies to be clearly identified. This provides operations staff with the information needed to detect areas which can be improved before they become an issue and reduce machine downtime.

    SmartLOG is currently being used in various irradiator sites throughout North America and Europe.

    Read more about it here.

  • Konntrack has enabled BD to improve the efficiency of irradiator scheduling and lot release by increasing machine uptime and improving lot release management systems. It has enabled improved JIT tracking and contributed to reduced WIP stock levels and floor space.

    Sterilisation Engineer, BD Ireland
  • As a result of pinpointing specific downtime faults using SmartLog, projects were initiated and the result was a 75% reduction in unscheduled downtime.

    Engineering Manager, Ethicon Inc.
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