Sterilization Services Contractors

Many sterilization service contractors work hand-in-hand with medical device manufacturers. At Konnexis we recognize this and have developed control systems to bolster this relationship. Cycles are easily transferred through e-mail, improving communication between contractors and manufacturers. By providing affordable scalability to sterilization service contractors, our software gives you the competitive edge.

Competitive Advantage through Affordable Scalability

AccuSOLO for Sterilization Services Contractors

  • When it comes to control systems for your Ethylene Oxide processes, you have a number of options. First, there is the control system that the manufacturer provided with the chamber. It does the job as far as the basics are concerned, but its use is limited strictly to that chamber. As new equipment is purchased, new software platforms emerge, and innovations in new medical devices require more stringent sterilization requirements, the built in control system does not always meet the sterilization contractors’ needs.

    An alternative to built in control systems would be to consider adapting or even building their own control systems. But building software has its own inherent risks. Do you have the necessary expertise? Do you want to invest in that expertise internally or externally? Who do you call when there is a problem? Over the long term, the build option also presents a high total cost of ownership.

    Konnexis’ AccuSOLOTM provides the best of both worlds in terms of multi-chamber support and affordability. Built by experts dedicated to the field of sterilization control systems, AccuSOLOTM not only fulfills your needs today, it is designed to be future-proof by using the most flexible approach to supporting multiple types of equipment, software, and cycles.

  • AccuSOLOTM is a complete Process Managements Suite. It controls, tracks and monitors complex sterilization processes. We offer a modular proven solution that increases efficiencies through integrated logistics management, preconfigured validated device libraries, the ability to easily transfer processes from one chamber to another, reducing downtime, and 24/7 support. It also improves operational control and safety through centralized chamber management capability, simulation tools, intelligent safety controls and onsite training.

    Using AccuSOLOTM, you get the flexibility you need to be competitive without challenging affordability and introducing risk.

Gamma, X-ray, and E-beam Solutions

I would have no hesitation in recommending Konnexis. Konnexis has demonstrated that they are capable of meeting complex requirements and delivering a validated software solution on time and within budget.

Sterilisation Engineer, BD Ireland
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